Illustrator for Clothing and Jewelry Design

Illustrator for Clothing and Jewelry Design


Job Description

You will be asked to draw something off of direction only for you to submit in order to even get hired so be prepared. Or else do not apply!

Looking for someone who is skilled in drawing and can take patterns to make an eye catching pieces. Some pieces are already designed just needs to be colored in while others will have just the concept and pattern and you must put it together to come up with the design. Designs will be for all types of clothing and Jewelry pieces. I need someone who can follow direction, detail oriented, passionate about their craft and most important RELIABLE. you must be able to meet time frame and be able to work during Eastern Standard Tine daytime hours which is between the hours of 9am and 5pm. You are not required to be up continuously but be able to check in constantly for changes or requests that maybe made during those hours.

If you work slow do not bother to apply. If your rate do not fall in the guidelines do not apply. If you can not follow directions do not apply. If you do not have an imagination do not apply. If you think you are going to work slow on my clock do not apply. I will let you go quickly! I have no tolerance for poor work, slow learners, or people who can not follow directions.

If i feel like you are worth it. I will increase rate to 4 that is it. If you are out of budget do not apply.

Skills: drawing, design

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