Virtual Assistant Needed Virtual Assistant Needed


Job Description

Market Maker Realty & Investment is a commercial real estate brokerage firm looking to hire a virtual assistant to handle simple data entry tasks on the Salesforce platform. The application being used within the Salesforce platform is a customized enterprise version of Salesform called APTO. APTO is geared towards the real estate industry and provides information about our clients.

There are two ongoing tasks that we are looking to have fulfilled on a daily basis. The first tasks includes entering new prospects into the APTO system. You will register new prospects into the system using data provided by different members of our sales team. We will provide a standard operating procedure on how to enter this information into the system. Each new prospect takes roughly 10-15 minutes to complete.

In addition to the first task, we also need the virtual assistant to update existing accounts on the Salesforce platform. This task takes 30 seconds to 3 minutes and will also be completed using the provided standard operating procedure. Specific notes about clients may be left through a voicemail system or sent via email to be entered in.

Both of these tasks will be paid for on a completion basis. We will pay $0.50 for each prospect registered into the system and $0.10 for each update made to the system.
Must be familiar with the application. Standard operating procedures on how to complete both tasks within APTO will be provided.

There may be 10-20 prospects needing to be registered per day. This number can go up to 100 per day.

There may be 50-100 updates into the system (@ $0.10 per update) per day and this number can go up to 500 per day.

Skills:, english, virtual-assistant-skills