Develop New Mobile and Web UI for Healthy Food Startup

Develop New Mobile and Web UI for Healthy Food Startup


Job Description


We are looking for a high quality full stack developer that can build our website and mobile website experience. We are a startup focused on making it easy to eat right by having gluten free, organic, freshly made meals delivered straight to their door.

The contractor must:
* Have experience using the backend for developing an app or proven ability to quickly get up to speed on new APIs.

* Have experience integrating with integration (ideally through Parse) to ensure credit card processing is quick and painless. Again a proven ability to be resourceful and get up to speed on new APIs is acceptable.

* Have experience integration with Twilio (ideally through Parse) to handle mobile phone number verification.

* Have experience integrating with MailGun or MailChimp to ensure we can conduct transactional emails.

* Good ability to setup a website for mobile and website with different CSS styles. Ability to create a fast, rapid UI that can be easily adjusted in styles.