SmartGWT Developer Needed ASAP

SmartGWT Developer Needed ASAP


Job Description


Need to edit existing SmartGWT code to make changes to UI. Eventually, need new code written for new UI.


1) Read through requirements list to edit SmartGWT code to satisfy a) bug fixes and/or b) changes to UI and/or c) new UI
2) Be able to read through medium level complexity GWT/SmartGWT code to understand what's going on
3) Be able to communicate (orally and in writing) effectively with engineers in USA
4) Should have stable internet connection to connect via VNC to Eclipse (which will run GWT)
5) Bonus: Very basic knowledge of SQL is needed.
6) Bonus: Unix skills a plus too, since Eclipse and java code run on Linux.
7) Needs stable and fast enough internet to do a) video calls and b) all development will be on our servers (to be accessed via VNC viewers)

Why us:

We have lots and lots of work to provide if contractor is good, including creation of a whole new UI module.