Need s2Member Expert

Need s2Member Expert


Job Description

I have a website built on the WordPress platform that I need to integrate with the s2Member membership software.

The website will be a membership site to sell digital content and eventually accept monthly recurring membership payments (via Paypal Express), manage profiles, send newsletters, run affiliate program, and other features of the membership software.

The digital content (downloadable product) will be hosted in Amazon S3 wherein the link to download the file will be on the WordPress website.

To apply, please answer the questions below on your cover letter:

1. Please provide links to WordPress websites you have worked on in the past which you have integrated with s2Member with downloadable digital content hosted on Amazon S3.

2. How many hours will it take you to complete this project?

3. Depending on the situation, what is your order of preference when communicating; email, instant messaging/text, or voice calls?