message software

message software


Job Description


We are looking for some sort of solution / software (maybe based on something existing) to communicate in real time with our staff.

We want in our screen (we must have a way of placing it where we want it) a message box, that shows us messages when someone wants to text with us. At the same time we want to be able to answer in that same message box.
We want to keep our active screen open with this message 'thing' in it.
To give yo an idea why. Now we have to open / go to our email programme to see and answer messages. It means that we loose time.

We are developers and give instructions all the time to one and other, while we are working on our projects.

Any idea or can you make something that could do this.

We pay when we see it running (you can see that we are on Odesk for some time and have (had) many people working for us).

Looking forward.

Skills: software-development