Experienced Angular.js frontend web developer

Experienced Angular.js frontend web developer


Job Description

You need at least 6 months full time working experience with angular.js.

I will ask potential candidates to during the skype voice interview to share their screen and do select normal tasks in angular.js, without googling.

So you need to have enough exposure so you have a certain amount of "howto" information memorized.

You needto be knowledgeable about REST communication and http method actions and http result codes.

If you have PHP serverside experince that is a plus.

Standard senior webdeveloper requirements below (PLEASE, read it and answer the questions). Chat communication alone without audio will not be suffcient.

This is a position for a senior web developer only.

Please note:

I am NOT:
- interested in communicating with a projectmanager or a sales person.
- interested in a senior developer fronting other junior developers that is actually doing the work.
- interested in communicating via a shared "company" team account, only personal skype ids please.
- looking for someone that is timeslicing on all kinds of other projects.

I am:
- only interested in communicating directly with the end developer.
- only interested in talking to the actual end developer that is supposed to be typing the keyboard on my projects.
- looking for a "remote freelancer, hired long term" that will be a remote part of my team.

(please put "You MUST" in front of all the below lines until you get to the "Nice to have skills section")

- have a fast internet connection that allows for full screen sharing/collaboration
- have a headset for audio chatting on skype or other means
- must speak english well enough to be comfortable communicating on Skype via voice chat

General development:
- create no methods longer than 40-50 lines at most
- wrap code in a function with a good name to document your code rather no function and a comment
- adhere to no copy pasting
- write pragmatic code
- know how to write testable code / dependency injection

Web foundation knowledge:
- understand HTTP 1.0 and 1.1 protocol
- understand REST
- know about HTTP action methods

Website (web2.0) implementations
- understand AJAX, javascript, JSON, JSONP, getscript
- be comfortable using HTML / HTML 5
- be comfortable using jquery, jquery closures (http://kenneththorman.blogspot.dk/2010/12/shift-click-javascript-selection.html)
- be comfortable using CSS (CSS 3)

- use a full IDE that allows you to inspect variables, globals, set breakpoints
- develop and test the code on Linux (your server) (for serverside development)
- have strong working knowledge of Subversion (branching, tagging, merging, reintegrating branches, cherry picking merges)
- must know how to work in a team with many people working on the same code at the same time in Subversion

Nice to have skills
Additional experience that is nice if you have:
- oAuth
- LinkedIn and Facebook integtration knowledge
- OpenID
- C# / .NET 4.0 or Java
- Git
- be comfortable using PHP
Do you feel that you can meet the majority of these requirements?

Skills: typing, english, json, jsonp, test, linux, linkedin, facebook, .net