Stories of recently retired

Stories of recently retired


Job Description

What I'm looking for are first hand stories of folks who've recently retired, ideally from the US, Canada, or Europe.

I'm looking for stories from people that include each of the following sections:
- First name and what did you retire from (a quick job history) [e.g. I was a administrator with a school]?
- What have been the biggest surprises in retirement?
- What have you liked best about retirement?
- What have you not enjoyed?
- What has been the biggest change?
- How did you determine if you had enough money to retire?
- What types of things have you been doing in retirement?
- What advice would you give to someone near retirement?

Again, I'd like to hear the first-hand personal stories of folks so that others can learn from your success and from any mistakes you think you made.

***As part of you application, please note if you are near retirement now or retired currently, and your age decade (e.g. I'm in my 60's).

Thank you!