I need to create drawings of proposed property improvements suitable for obtaining permits

I need to create drawings of proposed property improvements suitable for obtaining permits


Job Description

I am going to build two decks and put a used shed on my property. I need to create a site plan, and drawings of each improvement for approval by the county building dept. Truth is I already started and got a notice to obtain premits so I need to make drawings or what is already built and possibliy a second view showing the already built with the balance of the project completed. That way I can get them to sign off on the already done stuff and that can be put to bed now. I will supply all the info and even pics and a origional site plan used when the mobile home was placed on the lot.

There is a 8x20 shed I restored shaped like a barn

A concrete block knee wall that is 23' 7" wide X 20' it lines up on the back of the trailer and is back filled and capped with concrete already there is a 11/2 drain line and a 1" conduit for electric to be run at a later date. I poured 10" deep footers and reinforced the footer with 1/2" rebar and bent pieces of rebar in a L shape which were tied so that they stuck up vertically from the footers once set up. I did this in 4 places on each side in even distances from each other and put the protruding rebar through the cinder bloch and poured that cell solid. I put down a 4mil vapor barrier and then rolled out the wire mesh for reinforcement. I used the upper strength concrete but not the fiber reinforced

Additionally I built a 8 X 40 wood deck that runs along the side of the mobile and overlaps with the previously described deck and acts as a exit for that deck both ends are 8 ft wide steps

I will supply all the info you need promptly to complete the job described. may require engineering services if the county doesnt like my plans so if you have access to that it would be a plus.

You can contact me at 352/328-9997 ask for Glen. The fee can be negotiated at that time

Skills: engineering