Mobile App - Multi-Platform

Mobile App - Multi-Platform


Job Description

We are a private company specializing in brand strategy, entertainment and online marketing strategy.

We are looking for a developer who can create for us a mobile app we can use in different platforms - iOS, Android and Windows. We have already completed the wireframes, all we need is someone to execute the plan.

App Features:
- Event planning mobile application
- Users to create their own profiles, update it with their interests and location (we're looking to have a video profiles for users)
- Social media integration
- Tracks user activity
- Suggest to users events that they might be interested in
- Users to vouch for other users/events (similar to LinkedIn/Facebook)
- Create events where people can reserve their slots (Similar to Facebook events/Eventbrite)
- Users will be able to see who vouched for the user/event (# people vouched for this event/user)

To Qualify:
- Expertise in mobile app development
- Experience in web app development
- Experience in Google Maps API integration

If you feel that this is the opportunity you're looking for, please answer the questions below on your cover letter:

1. Please provide samples of related mobile applications you have created in the past.
2. Since the budget we have is a placeholder only, how much do you think it will cost us for you to work on this project? How many days will it take you to complete it?
3. What's your time availability in terms of hours per week? Which days and what time of day are you available? Do you have any hours/days of unavailability?
4. Depending on the situation, what is your order of preference when communicating; email, instant messaging/text, or voice calls?
5. Our regular work schedule is Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 5pm US Eastern Time. Do you anticipate any problems communicating in real time during these hours?

Skills: mobile-application-development