Looking for quality article rewriters (From The Philipines only, Long Term)

Looking for quality article rewriters (From The Philipines only, Long Term)


Job Description

Our company is looking for article rewriters for long-term cooperation.

Contractors that will provide quality work, that meets all our requirements, will receive work on regular basis.

After approving for this job you will need to rewrite articles following specific requirements. Contract budget is for 60.000 ++ words. Total size of the articles will be slightly different, your payment will be updated respectively.

Please read the requirements carefully, this will help to save our time.

You will be given some text(facts, reviews, descriptions), and you must rewrite it into an article following our requirements. So you don't need to do any research, just writing.

I will send you sources for the articles.
I will send you keywords for the articles.

Rewriting doesn't means just replacing words with synonims. You must retell the text with your own words, keeping it interesting, unique and readable.. See example below:

Source sentence: "If you heard this when you were a kid, you should know that the thinking about snacking has grown up."
Variant #1 (just replacing words with synonims): "In case you heard this when you had been a kid, you must realize that the thinking about snacking has changed"
Variant #2 (retelling with your own words) : "it's very important to understand that over the past 20 years, eating habits have changed dramatically"

Variant #1 will not be accepted.

We are very strict about quality, if you can’t provide nice and readable articles, please do not apply for this project. If you send us low quality articles with bad readability - your work will be rejected

Contractor requirements

Excellent English writing skills.
Must be able to finish the task within 1 week
!!!This is very important -> You must send articles daily, not all the articles in the last day. If you are able to do this work within 1-2 days - that's great - do it and we will order more from you.

How to apply

Along with your cover letter, please submit writing samples that highlight your writing style.

Before hiring you will need to rewrite 1 short paragraph (100 words) to test that you understood the requirements clearly

Applications with upfront payment will be rejected

Please include "green light" into your application to prove that you've read all requirements.