Need help filling out forms with Landlord and Tenent board of Ontario

Need help filling out forms with Landlord and Tenent board of Ontario


Job Description

I need someone with a professional, paralegal background to help me and my partner fill out a "T6" and a "T2" form to be filed with the landlord and tenant board to help us receive just compensation. Also to advise us how we should prepare for the Rental Tribunal hearing. This person should have a strong knowledge of the Landlord and Tenant Act of Ontario and be familiar with rental tribunal hearings.

We've been having problems with my current landlord of six months since the day I moved in September 1st, 2012. These issue include interfering with vital services, not properly maintaining the property, and interfering with the reasonable enjoyment of the property. Some of the exact problems are as follows;

-No heat was given to the unit until well into winter (early January)

-The unit has been infested with ants since the day we moved in. They come out of the walls and cupboards, get in our food, clothes, and bedding.
Numerous attempts to bring this to the attention property manager have been ignored

-The apartment was filthy when we moved in, even though we were promised it would be cleaned. It took us 3 days to get it in livable condition ourselves.

-Tile flooring in the kitchen was cracked so badly all over that we had to watch where I walked so we wouldn't cut our feet. The floor was supposed to be replaced before we moved in Sept, but was not taken care of until November.

Those are some of the main issues but the list goes on.. Anyone who can help with this issue will be greatly appreciated!

Skills: academic-writing