Technology Sales Trainer - Ongoing

Technology Sales Trainer - Ongoing


Job Description


We are seeking a qualified technology sales trainer to produce videos upon the sale of mobile websites, websites, eCommerce, landing pages, PPC, SEO, Social media and much much more.

We need a qualified sales guy (or gal) who knows what they are doing when it comes to selling these solutions to hop aboard with us and help train our program network members to do one thing - close business.

You will need to be someone who is tech saavy and able to record your screen to first help develop courses with us and then to perhaps aid in the conduct of live sales trainings.

We are open to multiple scenarios and/or pay possibilities and the pay listed is only an example.

Please feel free to hit us up and open a dialogue upon this.

Must be a fluent English speaker
Must be available by phone & skype

Skills: training