Dream Project: A social networking website.

Dream Project: A social networking website.


Job Description

Hello everyone,

I want to create a social networking website. I have seen SocialEngine PHP demo and I believe that this is the best way to make my dream project live. But it could be possible only if some additional features (mentioned below) will be embedded into it. The detailed project report is ready. Here I'm writing some basic requirements of this project:

Requirements at User End:-
+ The privacy of the users will be a primary concern with facility to allow other users to limit their privacy details like contact number, Photographs etc,
+ We want only genuine users. So there should be two step verification of account during signup (Through Mobile number and other by Email).
+ The Account details of the customer should contain his/her Sign in History with date time and IP address.
+ Facility of make their photographs and contact details personal, which can only be viewed by sending request.
+ The basic facility of chat (same environment of chat window like gmail).
+ Photo sharing with like and comment box.
+ The search for friends based on some specific parameters like Age, Ethnicity, Location, hobbies etc.
+ Daily Email alerts for preferred friends based on specific parameters like Age, Location etc.
+ Basic Email Facility.
+ Its interface should be very simple.
+ Important : The designing of website should be very smooth with memorable notification Icon designs. So highly professional design is the main requirement of this project.

Admin Dashboard: I have seen SocialEngine PHP Demo, But I need some additional facilities and information on the dashboard in addition to the existing things. Some of the additional features required are:

+ Total Number of users, Male Users percentage, female users percentage. This data should be in a graphical as well as in Tabulated form.
+ Number of daily sign ins, Active/Inactive Users, Data transferred from website, total website data.
+ The list of users which should contain their IP address, Their Sign in History, Number of profiles visited by this user and Number of persons visited His/her profile etc.

Please inform me as soon as possible that whether SocialEngine PHP can be customized at this level to satisfy all requirements.

Thanks and regards.
Gurmeet Singh

Skills: gmail, design