Insurance all in one software developer

Insurance all in one software developer


Job Description

We are looking for a person that can develop a system for insurence agencies and brokers where they can log in and have a customer add their information, and get an automatic quote based on the subscribed insurance companies.

The web software and mobile should give the opportunity to the public to answer all the proper questions and have a echosign or docusign document that the customer virtually can sign and send a copy to the agency and the customer by email.

The agency will log in and add all the companies that they are working with , each one of the company should have a user and password, then the agency will have a unique number or ID that anybody can log in and get a quote trough the agency... that way multiple agencies can just give the website and the log in info to the customers and get the quote.

The Budget is based on experience and could change depending on what you offer

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