Web Developer/Software Programmer

Web Developer/Software Programmer


Job Description

We’re looking for a long-term contract Website Developer and Graphic Artist to develop and maintain an interactive eCommerce, search engine/social media optimized website. The site will need to be mobile device and tablet ready. We also have a number of software development projects on the creative floor (see below). We would prefer to hire an individual or Team with the skill sets necessary to also complete the other software development projects on the creative floor.

The Web Developer we hire will enjoy working with people, has excellent listening & problem solving skills, thrives in a fast paced work environment, is creative, innovative and can think intelligently on their feet.

The ideal developer is/have:

•An Expert in developing innovative and interactive e-commerce websites to ensure the best user experience
•Responsible for creating the look and feel of the company website and email templates, including graphic design, navigation, and content layout
•Able to communicate project status, issues, and resolutions to ensure timely completion of deliverable(s)
•Able to work closely with the CEOs and Project Manager to develop specifications and make recommendations on the use of new and emerging technologies
•Able to work with the team to ensure all work is delivered within the established scope
•Experience in an agile environment a plus
•Detail Oriented
•Good working knowledge and experience in WordPress, HTML and CSS
•Able to build a new Wordpress site(s)
•Expert Technical knowledge in maintaining websites + promoting sales
•Good command of the English Language
•Should be easily contactable by email or Skype
•Successfully developed Joomla applications
•Strong experience in general website development
•Is familiar with photo-sharing websites and their development

We need the following functionality implemented:

•User signup & account creation
•Captcha & other standard features
•Storage of a portfolio of images, including the ability to select for social viewing
•Ability to sort on different dimensions, such as event or favorites
•Ability for users to vote on photos based on Facebook ‘Likes’
•Admin will need to be able to change entire background for any page
•Ability to remove pictures from galleries that are not appropriate

Required Qualifications:

•Minimum 3 years experience in website development and implementation in e-commerce environments
•Advanced knowledge of JavaScript, PHP, Joomla, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, ASP, ASP.NET and MySQL , T SQL,
•Proficient knowledge of Adobe Photoshop
•Ability to implement e-commerce customization, generate reports
•Integration of 3rd party tools/applications, including Google Apps, WordPress, and Social Media Tools
•Knowledge and demonstrated experience with cross-browser and cross-platform issues
•E-Commerce Development Experience/Shopping Carts/Payment gateways A MUST
•Expert understanding of web marketing and SEO/SEM strategies
•Mobile design/development experience preferred
•Experience with Amazon API’s or eCommerce platform where documentation is provided
•Front-end web based Interface design and development skills
•Experience with cross browser compatibility development

How To Apply

Please send me your resume and cover letter along with samples of your work. In the cover letter, please include:

•Your relevant experience for this project
•Your proficiency with English
•Your Joomla experience, including examples of past work
•Your familiarity with photo-sharing websites and any contributions you've made on them
•The best ways to contact you

About Us & Our Pending Projects:

We are a new eCommerce Startup company. Our products categories will include: Men’s and Women’s Apparel, stationery products, other household products and software games around our brand. We will ultimately need to assemble a team of talented and creative developers to bring the vision and mission of our company to life.

Our Creative Floor Projects:

1.The creation of an Interactive eCommerce, search engine optimized website that is compatible with all mobile devices.
2.Create a mobile application to help us reach our customers providing a convenient and interactive product purchasing medium.
3.The development of a series of gaming Apps for mobile devices to help advertise and sell our brand.

Skills: design, agile, english, facebook, marketing, amazon, gaming