Recurring Payments with CURRENT PayPal Payment Gateway

Recurring Payments with CURRENT PayPal Payment Gateway


Job Description

I created a multisite directory using the wordpress directory theme - "Vantage" which is created by AppThemes.

1. As of now, their theme accepts PayPal; however, the listing owner receives an email telling them the listing is going to expire, then requires them to manually pay for the listing every 30 days. I don't want to remind listing owners to pay, so I want it to be recurring with the option of cancelling (I think PayPal handles this part in itself).

2. With their theme, you can give listing owners the option of being featured on the homepage or within categories. I want the featured on homepage to be 100% FREE and the DEFAULT option for paying members. So I don't know if there's a way to remove the "featured" option or if a hook has to be used to make them featured every time a payment is received.


The theme already has PayPal integrated, so I am looking for a quality programmer that can edit the theme, PHP files or API so that it accepts recurring payments. After completion, the listing owner MUST make the exact same purchase each time, homepage featured (picture in attachment).

I don't want to have recurring payments and having it so that their selected options drop upon renewal. Everything must stay the same. Lastly, If someone decides to cancel (through paypal subscriptions), then I want the API to take note and automatically cancel their listing.

I will provide all theme files, which must be edited and programmed on a virtual site so I can see progress and the final product before payment.


1. Make a one-time PayPal listing into a Recurring PayPal listing
2. Create it on a virtual site
3. Show that it works
4. Get paid.

See the attached image for screen shots of the theme's payments settings.

EDIT: I am still waiting for the upgrade of Vantage to v1.2. They have it marked as "soon" so I am hoping it will be available for download within the week or next week.

I will only hire the chosen programmer to modify the files once I update the site, otherwise there may be other changes which would ruin all the time put into the current theme.

Skills: paypal

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