PHP/mySQL Form Submission + Inbox & Notification Website Completion

PHP/mySQL Form Submission + Inbox & Notification Website Completion


Job Description

I currently have an online-game challenge website at 50% complete, this needs completing after the last freelancer didn't finish the job. The skills required are PHP, mySQL, HTML, Ajax, Jquery, Basic HTML and knowledge of bootstrap (As it's already built using bootstrap)

It's extremely hard to explain within one advert what I am looking for from the freelancer, but to provide a summary of features:

- Fairly complex form submission/modification to SQL DB, with time/filter based table display (50% complete)

- Freelancer/Facebook Inbox/Notification style pop-ups (Chat box already implemented)

- Timezones implemented on all date fields

- Dynamic Table refresh (Refresh the various tables on the site, every 30 seconds)

- Members list page

- Themed Horizontal Menu-bar implementation (taken from existing theme)


I can provide a very detailed document of what exactly I am looking for to candidates when I have a shortlist for the job. The budget is taken from what I was previously quoted for the job.