Need MiniSite Designer PRO For 30+ Jobs!

Need MiniSite Designer PRO For 30+ Jobs!


Job Description


I need someone who is very good at photoshop to do mini site designs for me.

If you require help all the time don't bother applying for this job, I need those that are exprienced with mini site deisgns only no fake experts please!

Here is what I need:
- Header
- Footer
- Ebook cover
- 8 X banners with animated blinking "Click Here" text/button.

Pay is $10 per job!
($11.11 you get $10 after odesk fees.)

I have some 30+ jobs for the right person so you need to be able to work fast and get at least 2 projects done per day!

Please show me samples of your mini site desings (clickbank?) when you apply for this job to prove your skills.

Here's how it will work, I will give you examples of a few of sites with good header design that I like and I will tell you to do a header for a new site.
This will be a test, if you can do a good looking header I will let you do the rest for that site/project and pay you for it.

If you aren't good at design and editing PSD's then do not apply.


Skills: logo, ebooks, banner, design, test

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