Web Developer for News Website using Open Source CMS

Web Developer for News Website using Open Source CMS


Job Description

We are looking for a Web Developer to work on a news website project.

• You must be a PHP Developer who has experience with CMS (including WordPress, Joomla and Drupal) and front-end development with HTML, CSS and jQuery.
• Must have expert knowledge and experience with Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal and can advise best solution for the project, to the detail of most appropriate plugins/extensions required to meet the feature requirements.
• Experience in responsive site development
• Knowledge of SEO and SEF URLs
• Expert in site performance optimization
• Knows how to make a site rock-solid secure and hack-free
• Have basic design skills and understand its importance
• Ability to manage timelines well and follow-up on work without delay
• Bonus points for those who have experience with News Website development.

A detailed project plan and scope including feature list can be found in the attached file.

In web development, we believe these 3 pillars are very important to a success of a project. We will select a developer who believes in them.

1. Deadline is extremely important
You must respect Project Timeline and milestones. Work must be delivered on time.

2. Good user experience counts
You’ve got an eye for detail, especially when it comes to design. We believe the site can grow exponentially if it offers a good user experience and that only comes with a good mix of design and programming.

3. Code with Passion
We’re looking for people who will dedicate time and energy to complete a given project and will feel proud about the accomplishment. Sharing ideas and finding most appropriate solution to a given problem, even if it defies what’s stated in the original requirement, will be encouraged in this project.

We’re also looking for long-term prospects as we have plans to revamp other sites in the group. We’d also be introducing more marketing features and interactive sections to our news site in the near future. So, if we love you for your work, we will consider hiring you full-time.