Repost: Looking for top Ecommerce designer

Repost: Looking for top Ecommerce designer


Job Description

Due to personal problems our contracted ecommerce designer isn't able to start our job, so we are looking for a top ecommerce designer for our latest project. After finishing this project with mutual satisfaction there will be more job opportunities for you!

First i will introduce the concept to you
We want to launch a dutch website which supplies customers in The Netherlands with made to measure bespoke business suits for a competitive price.
Our biggest competitor is the site and the site
My biggest concern for the website is to guide our customers through the ordering process without making any mistakes.
If you would care to take a look at the site, this is a nice site, only to dark and to complex for dutch customers.

Our goal is to design and operate a better site then and

It has to be a easy to maintain ecommerce solution.
My business partner has to keep track of ordering, client profiles etc. etc. and has to be able to add products through high quality images to the site, she has no programming experience at all.

The site has to incorporate online payment methodes. The methodes used in the netherlands are, afterpay (, ideal and paypal. An integration of the system targetpay ( or a system which can provide payments through iDeal is essential for our businessmodel.

The customer can create their own profile / account, and store their measurements in their own database. This database has to be accesable for us, to change measurements or orders.

Because the customers have to measure themselfs it's nice to offer online video, pictures or illustrations with instructions how they can do this. If you can do this, please add this to your offer!

The suits will be composed by the customer using illustrations of the different options and styles. There will be no additional charges for the customers
They can choose fabrics, it will be nice to zoom in on the fabric.
There has to be an overall order summary with a possibillity to go online for a chat if they have any questions.
We must have the possibility to give discounts, couponcodes or something like this.
In future we would like to offer our clients the possibilty to get a subscription to our suit service.

The site must be future proof, we would like to go european and possiblity expand our business to russia in the near future.
I don't know how much pages are needed because we only use mtm suits.
My feeling is that we need a good and clean welcome page
a page with models / pictures of differnt suit styles
a page for the customers for their profile (this database will also contain all their measurements and communication with our online help)
Measurement page accompanied with instruction pictures or video
a page with all the different choises (look for examples at, this is a really nice site ;-) ) maybe a virtual ordering system.

And last but not least a good management info portal
SEO is also something we need for our ecommerce solution.
We will provide the text in dutch if needed
After finishing the site, there will be a possible contract for maintenance

Platforms used in the netherlands

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