Slot Machine Flash Animation Required

Slot Machine Flash Animation Required


Job Description

I need a Flash programmer to create a 3D Flash slot game for me . You can reference to . We will tell you the theme and you can design similar standard as those games shown in

The slots mcahine however will works with a mysql database and also each action is base on encrypted API.

To server API example 1:

Receive API example 2:

This is just an example using PHP and POST/GET method unencrypted. We are open to discuss for better solution either in xml,json..etc ..

You will only need to design the FLASH animation and the FLASH to react base on API only. The calculation and all other members area are design by our programmer.

You will also need to design in OPP method. Seprearting the FLASH files and in folders. Example: Main_Theme/ Animation/ Bonus/ slot_items/

The end product must be able to sit fit in android and iphone FLASH browser like puffin or any others.

The end product must have a lite graphic and max graphic version (cases where internet connection from phone is not good)

Skills: design

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