Magento / OpenCart expert needed for multi-vendor customization

Magento / OpenCart expert needed for multi-vendor customization


Job Description

Basically what we after is like an online shopping mall. It presents to users as a B2C platform / department store, all the products are uploaded by each seller according to our central site category structure, buyer can buy from different sellers, there is only one shopping cart which is the central site shopping cart. After buyer purchases, each seller the buyer buys from will receive an order for their related product line items. To become a seller one needs to apply and wait for our approval. The seller will pay for an annual fee plus sales commission. Sales commission could be different by level 1 category. A seller has a subdomain, visiting that subdomain will take the user to their own shop space, in which it displays the seller's own product and categories that he has product in. Seller can also create promotions, such as Buy X Get Y Cheap, Daily deal, In Store Voucher and free shipping etc. The main site admin can pick the hot ones and show it on the main site, for those that are not picked, it is still valid and will be displayed in their subdomain site, those promotion rules still apply on the main site. Seller can decorate their own shop space and can change shop space template, we have 2 templates at the moment. We might want to allow seller to have their own domain name too, similar to Wordpress, so instead of using a subdomain they can use their own domain name. A seller can have more than one physical branch, the location of the products for that seller will go with the location of all those branches, and in category browsing and search result user can filter product by location too, e.g. suburb + city. There are 2 shipping method, delivery and pick up in store, seller can choose to allow either one or both. For delivery it will be our system default courier, and the system will automatically calculate the delivery charge based on the product size and postcode. For pick up buyer can choose which branch to pick up from. During checkout buyer can choose whether to pick up in store or being delivered for each seller. At checkout all money are collected by the main site, then we pay the seller once a month. User is able to login with their Facebook, Twitter and Google+ account, this applies to both buyer and seller. A buyer can also apply to be a seller later. For search, user can search all products on the main site, or search just within a shop if he is in a subdomain, or search for shops.

There are already existing extensions for both Magento / OpenCart that partially meets the above requirement. You can work on top of those extensions.

Alll page designs are done.

To be a successful candidate you need to

- Have strong background in either Magento or OpenCart development, you can use the existing extensions for either of these 2 platform and develop on top of them.

- Experience in developing Magento / OpenCart theme is a MUST

- Experience in Twitter-Bootstrap Responsive Layout is a MUST

- Cross browser support is a MUST. We support IE 8, IE 9, IE 10 and all versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari on all versions of Windows and Mac.

- If you choose to use Magento we would probably use uMarketplace Suite extension ( ) plus their Microsite Pro addon and some of their customization. Experience on working with uMarketplace Suite is a bonus.

- This needs to be done in 4-6 weeks, and if there are some feature in the above requirement that is too complex and not important we can leave it out for now.