Automated Data Extraction

Automated Data Extraction


Job Description

We will provide data in the format of hotel name, address and country in an excel document.
You will have to find and fill in the missing data which will be telephone number (with international dialling code), email address and URL.

Each row is considered as 1 piece of data
1 piece of data = Hotel Telephone Number + Hotel Email Address + Hotel URL

Total data will be in the region of 500,000. There are over 500,000 hotels, 500,000 email addresses and 500,000 hotel URL data missing. Some hotels may have phone number listed but not email address and URl some may have email listed but not URL and phone etc etc.. Meaning.

Please see document attached to gain an idea of what is required.

Ideally project should be completed within 60 days. To complete this project in this time you will need quite a large team.

Let me know if you can develop a SCRAPER which will get the hotel name from the spread sheet and search , etc etc for the missing info and find the missing info , extract it and then save it in the RIGHT place in the spread sheet. I know that once the scraper is made it does not matter how much data is to be scraped. So please don't tell me a high price just coz there is little more than normal data.

Please quote your price for the entire project.

Please PM me with:
1) How many people are in your team?
2) How long it will take you to complete the project?
3) Total cost to complete the project?
4) Please complete example document attached for verification

I look forward to hearing from you.

Skills: research

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