Service business. Ecommerce needed. Google Call needed.

Service business. Ecommerce needed. Google Call needed.


Job Description

Below is a list. I suspect I have forgotten a few. Please forward all questions your guy may have. Thanks.

James. (live now...needs work)


- email subscription button or link (undecided)
- payment button that links to stripe (paypal as alternate on same page)
- background where checkerboard is currently changed to a solid color or a lower opacity version of itself
- a front page that does not change (here will be an area that contains a longer post that resenbles a landing page with calls to action littered in the content
- there will be an image or more for every post made on the site (text wrap to right ideal)
- sidebar will have the flipped colors to the main content area like seen
- I have not settled on font, but san serif ideal style for content text and Impact for h<#> tags
- footer will have link to terms and conditions and a few other links to content pieces that are not high importance
- prefer logo for Pixsabi Personal be on left or right of menu which will start with "Home"; "Services"; "Products" (hidden for now); "About"; "Contact" (form); "Terms of Use" (dropdown under "About")
- right under menu will be a horizontal text for Google Adsense menu ads - this can be in a small section under - I will turn it on so he can see what it will look like
- "Services" menu item will go to a page for the "Phone" and "Other" to see pricing and descriptions page
- should be a way to add to cart and pay for it with choices of Stripe or Paypal
- logo clickable to
- sidebar will contain posts for "testimonials" category only
- Google Call Me button is live and code that calls me if clicked - <div id="google-voice"> in current code - button can be placed elsewhere - I am flexible depending on look, etc.
- colors current: rgb(0,0,90) blue on logo; rgb(254,214,0) yellow on logo; rgb(255,251,0) other yellow on logo; rgb(254,254,2) yellow on business card;
- see current css for yellow and black rgb or color codes used - may require different variations throughout for web
- spacing between main and sidebar currently way too far
- ideal hooks: Facebook connection; Google+ connection; shopping cart scheduling and monthly or pre-pay for # of sessions for discount; enter coupon code; any other related that would add to cash influx
- contact form
- form for shopping cart??

- Please ask for any other questions or files needed

How much?

Skills: facebook, online-payments