Advertising publication ad sales

Advertising publication ad sales


Job Description

AJ Printing and Graphics Inc is a brick and mortar printing company specializing in digital printing, direct mail printing and large format printing. We have an advertising circular which we produce and mail to homes within a certain geographic area. This circular contains advertisments for local companies who wish to target their sales efforts to households in that area. There are no articles, just eight pages of advertisement in an attractive and visually interesting format.

Your task would be to contact prospective businesses who may be interested in purchasing advertising space in our publication. You will educate them on our product, including the unique benefits that make it different than other advertising mail that households might receive. We can provide you with information about some of the types of businesses that tend to advertise in this format. All ads are produced in full color, and include the cost of basic layout services at no extra charge. We even have some outstanding templates that an advertiser can use as a stating point if they wish. The product, the price and the level of service are unique! Our advertisement prices are far lower than other similar options, and yet our publication has desgin advantages over the other advertising options, making this a superior product.

We provide:
-- Some guidance and training on the product, the ad specifications, target market, ad contract, and sales literature
-- printed contracts
-- printed template sheets
-- printed sales literature
-- a unique phone number for your clients to reach you, so you will not need to directly give out your home phone number or cell phone number. This unique phone number can ring your cell phone during business hours, and can go directly to a voicemail box after hours. Voicemails are then emailed to you as a .wav file attachment.
-- a unique email address to provide continuity and professionalism within our organization.

And most importantly, we provide 100% of the professional and complete after sales support incuding ad design, printing and mailing. This is, after all, the type of work that we have done well for 35 years!

Geography. We have some specific zip codes in Northern California that we would like developed. However, this product is usually best sold in person, with you standing in front of your prospect so that you can show them the literature and so that they can easily say "yes" on the spot and complete an advertising agreement. However, as an independent contractor we will leave it to your discretion if you wish to utilize tele-sales. We can easily expand our ad circular into your geographic area, even if you are not in Northern California. Thus it would allow a contractor in another city or state to take on this project just as well as a Northern California contractor would be able to do.

It is important to note that each circular requires 22 advertisers, and you have a maximum of two weeks to sell the 22 ads. Contractual obligations make it impossible for us to extend deadlines, as we would then miss obligations made to advertisers who already had contracts. If you do not sell all 22 ads, the contracts are all void and thus any contractor payments are void as well. As you can understand, we don't know you and we are unable to know your work ethic until you begin work. Unfortunately, if all of the ads are not sold, then it is impossible for us to produce the circular...the math just doesn't work. It really isn't that complex to sell the 22 ads in one week's time. Having two weeks should be a soft transition into the work. As you become comfortable, you will be able to take on new geographic zip codes nearby, and also be able to repeat a zip code once per month (including repeat advertisers making your job easier). A successful contractor should be able to close 3 or 4 publications per month, depending on the workload and income level you desire.

The finances. A full circular of advertising (usually 22 ads) has an ad value of approximately $9,500. Of this amount, the contractor is paid $1450. Flat rate.

Representing our product. It is of the utmost importance to us that prospective advertisers are treated in a professional manner at all times. Representing our company, even though you are an independent contractor, requires that you present yourself in a skillful and responsible manner.

If your are interested. Interested applicants must provide us with information about yourself and your work history to show us why you will be successful with this project. We would also like to hear a bit about you and the geographic area you would like to introduce for this project. The nature of run product is such that it can only be produced and distributed in the 48 contiguous United States. Applicants should be US based only. Outstanding verbal and written communications skills are a must.

Skills: graphics, design, benefits, training