Job Description

We are looking for a software engineer to join our highly professional and dynamic IT team and to help us successfully improve becoacht. At the moment, the technical side of becoacht is led by JAR Media GmbH, a well-respected development company based near Cologne.

We are looking for skilled developers with strong experience in programming PHP and particular knowledge of MVC frameworks. Currently, becoacht uses the Zend Framework (Version 1.12), MySQL databases, JQuery and LESS.
On top of the above, the ideal candidate should have experience with social APIs (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ und Xing) and to have already written connections to these systems.

The IT team organizes itself through SVN and therefore, it is important that you understand subversion and merging, amongst others. becoacht develops locally on its development system (XAMPP/LAMPP-Setup) and then push the final code (at once) into the SVN and deploy it from there onto our Beta-Environment. The
Beta-Environment exists for demonstration purposes and testing reasons (e.g. social sharing, social-login).

You are very welcome to send your application either in German or in English to!

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