Voice/SMS Platform Architect

Voice/SMS Platform Architect


Job Description

We are looking for an experienced telephony professional who knows how to build a VoIP platform from the ground up. The system will need both IVR and SMS functionality and work across many countries including Kenya, South Africa and India. Ideally, this platform will serve as the central hub as we purchase phone numbers from aggregators in those countries. The IVR will have a GUI so that our staff will be able to upload new audio files, create their own flows and change SMS messages.

The job can be done in two different ways:
1) Consultant – Provide guidance to our engineering staff on how to best build this type of product and serve as an expert to troubleshoot development hurdles.

2) Build – More hands on. Create the production roadmap and build the platform with assistance from our engineers as needed.

The Indian telecom rules are tricky and experience with building a similar product in that country is a big plus.

Contractor requirements:

I need a developer with whom I can interact online. I prefer to communicate via Skype. Must speak English fluently.

Initially I would like to do the following with the developer:

1) Brainstorm the design and structure of the project
2) Decide which technologies will be best to use
3) Finalize roadmap, timeline and desired role of the developer

How to apply:

Send over your resume. Also, please describe systems you have built that are similar to this project and highlight any work done within India.

In addition, please include your proficiency with English

About the company:

InVenture has developed a global credit-scoring platform to assist low-income individual in developing nations access financial services. The VoIP/SMS platform will be used by small businesses as an accounting tool in order to gather data to calculate the score.

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