PDF creation – full accessibility

PDF creation – full accessibility


Job Description

Hello Designers,

We have a 26 page PDF that needs to made into a fully accessible PDF so it can be translated/readable for the deaf and/or the blind. All copy and instruction will be provided.

The design of the document is now complete and there currently is a printed version. We only need the PDF of the document to made fully accessible in order to fulfill government requirements.

(On the successful creation of this document we also have another 86 page PDF that needs to be made accessible).

PDF accessibility needs to fulfill the following guidelines:



1. Prepare PDF for export
2. Provide headings to document
3. Make images accessible (all images are supplied including comments)
4. Hyperlink features/URL/content page etc
5. Format doc correctly
6. Identify table heading cells
7. Identify document language
8. Publish PDF document
9. Verify accessibility (through Adobe Checklist verification)

An easy to follow video guide to creating Adobe PDF accessible can be found here:


Thank you for your time

Skills: pdf, design