Plesk css issue

Plesk css issue


Job Description

Hy all i want just a perfect server administrator who will able to fix this issue with in a day. otherwise don't waste you bid.

Here is a breakdown thus far:
I understand over the last few days you have experienced down time with your websites and also your Plesk control panel. I found that the Plesk panel actually loaded, but without CSS. I was able to login and navigate through the control panel but with broken CSS. I ran the Plesk bootstrapper repair tool (/usr/local/psa/bootstrapper/pp10.13.4-bootstrapper/ repair) to try and repair your Plesk installation and while this completed it did not fix the issue. It appears that the ownership/permissions may have been modified (or a failed update) and at this point you are limited on your options. You can backup your content and reprovision your server, or you can try and run the Plesk update/installer manually via command line- I have downloaded the package and saved it to the root if you wish to run it (this option would be a last resort): ./parallels_installer_v3.4.1_build090204.18_os_Ubuntu_8.04_i686.

When contacting me for this job, please mention the code word ‘niche’ in the first line of the message so I know you have read the job requirements carefully.