dd-wrt + Sierra Wireless AC754S

dd-wrt + Sierra Wireless AC754S


Job Description

Skills Needed
technical support / wireless networking / dd-wrt skills

Update the dd-wrt open source project to support the Sierra Wireless AC754S plugged into the USB port. The SWI AC754S has an id of 1199:68a3 It is a 4G modem running DirectIP firmware (also a wifi hotspot). It has several serial functions (AT, CNS, DM and GPS) all managed by the "sierra" driver, and a DirectIP network function managed by the "sierra_net" driver. Both drivers are available in any recent Linux kernel (2.6.34 on). They are also available for download from Sierra Wireless for older kernels. You can choose either to connect using PPP over the AT serial function, or using the wwan0 network interface. In the latter case you need the AT function for device management (configuration, connect/disconnect etc). Sierra Wireless has documented all of this quite well: http://mycusthelp.net/SIERRAWIRELESS/_cs/AnswerDetail.aspx?aid=44 I would like the dd-wrt project to support this modem through DirectIP by default - so the developer would need to submit it to the dd-wrt project so the entire community can benefit. The SWI devices are great as they support dual external antennae. Great for RV and Marine 4G access.

Skills: wireless, hotspot, gps, linux, management