FlowChart for Small Android Based Game -- To be done today

FlowChart for Small Android Based Game -- To be done today


Job Description


Urgently Require an EXPERT today with knowledge of Android Programming to do a flowchart for a small game project. The coding of the project has been already completed and attached with the other details. Please do professional work with that and it is required to be completed in 4-5 hours from now.

The game is basically about Implementing Conway's Game of Life. This game begins with random number of cells on a square grid; each live (filled with color) cell survives if there are 2 or 3 live cells nearby; new filled cell appears if there are 3 filled cells nearby; if there are more than 3 live cells or there are less than 2 live cells near live cell; time is set of discrete steps.

The project details and source files are available at

So only flowchart is required for it at the moment.
Please reply asap.


Skills: android-development, android-sdk, mobile-application-development, windows-mobile, application-design, .net