Online Assessment Q and A preparation - jQuery

Online Assessment Q and A preparation - jQuery


Job Description

Please read the Job Description till the end carefully before applying.

This post is to hire jQuery expert / professional to prepare an online assessment - (objective type) question and answers as described below.

How the questions should be selected?

All questions should be unique and original content and should not be copied. Reference material may be used.
The payment will be released only after verifying that the questions are original, no copying or plagiarism, relevant to the purpose of assessment.
Payment will be released after the delivery, verification and submitting a declaration as per attached format. No upfront or part payments.

If some of the questions are rejected, new questions have to be submitted to replace them.
Total 120 questions with difficulty level 1 and 2
60 Questions with difficulty level 1
60 Questions with difficulty level 2
90% of questions should use any one of the question formats "Which is correct?" / "Which is not correct?" Along with 4 answer options
At least 95% of questions should have 4 options, rest of them may have 2 or 3 options based on necessity

How the formatting should be?

-Use the attached Question template.xls (Excel file)and follow the style
-Find sample questions for reference from sample questions.xls (It is html questions)
-If for some question some option is not required(ex: option D), leave that field blank and don't fill with any value
-Colouring the right option with green colour is for readability purpose,
-No rich formatting allowed in question, plain text /plain formatted text
-Question can be in coding or theory (please use your skill to get the right combination - having in mind that this assessment is intended to help hiring the right talent)

The contractor should be pro efficient in the subject jQuery. And absolutely no copying work. Questions should be unique and prepared by you in your own words. Questions should have the quality to help global companies in hiring right talent. Please double check that you are selecting the right answer.

Once delivered, the Q and A will be our property and you do not have any right on that.

Applicants to this job: - please send 4 sample question and answers in right format to consider your candidacy for this job.

Please quote your lowest keeping in mind the budget of US $ 25.

In case you have clarifications, please feel free to contact. Please understand the requirement clearly.

Thanks for reading this and going through the attachments:
1. Template foe preparing Q and A
2. Sample Questions and Answer
3. Declaration format.

Now having read Job Description, and gone through the attachment documents – you can apply along with 4 sample question and answers – as per format – as per instructions.
Please inform – if you are hired – how many days you will take to finish the job.

Thanks for your attention and Best Wishes.

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