Do you have experience creating an etsy-style website?

Do you have experience creating an etsy-style website?


Job Description

I am looking for someone who has ALREADY PRODUCED an etsy style website. The site should allow users to be able to create an account and sell their products, reply to messages, etc. Conversely, it should allow users to create an account, search for products, save favorite sellers, choose to be updated when certain sellers upload new products, or when products come up with certain keywords of their choosing.

The website should allow us to charge the users a fee when they list an item, as well as receiving a percentage on all sales. We should be able to easily manage the back end, see all paying members, etc.

All users should have feedback, ratings, etc (again, like etsy / ebay). Additional issues like being able to contact us for any customer support issues, etc should be in place. IDEALLY, YOU HAVE DONE SOMETHING VERY SIMILAR BEFORE so you will already be very familiar with the sorts of concerns and knowledge areas required to develop such a site. Extra consideration will be given for applications with a background / demonstrable competency in gamification.

We don't care what language you code the site in, as long as the backend allows us to maintain and update the site.