Sharepoint System - Information Management

Sharepoint System - Information Management


Job Description

We are a small setup that requires collaboration of information internationally. We require a robust system that allows us to react easily without being too tied up by processes.

This system is only for the collaboration of data for 3 users.

Recruiting Agent:
- Input new recruit's information
- Update existing recruit's information.

Recruitment Manager:
- Select recruits from the pool of available people and assign them to a position abroad.
- Arrange and enter flight details into system
- Monitor visa applications

Admin Officer:
- Create positions for manager to fill
- Generate supporting documents
- Upload supporting documents
- Disseminate the supporting documents for the recruiter to issue to the recruit.

* * * Admin Officer should have the overall rights to perform all the task. The Recruitment Manager and Recruiting Agent will have rights only limited to their task.

Ideally the new system should work by synchronizing Sharepoint with Microsoft Access so that critical information can be made available offline when working off-site without Internet.

The current database is already managed by Microsoft Access and Excel. Collaboration currently requires all 3 parties to constantly update each other via email. This is quite time consuming and quite prone to mis-communication. The new system aims to reduce duplicate work and gives everyone more visibility of each other's work.

The system should be able to generate printable (PDF) files for backup records in case of technology failure.

* An optional good to have is to allow the recruiting agent to be able to work on PDF forms offline and to only to submit back to the system when he is back in office. The nature of his work requires travelling to technology backwards area and connectivity is limited.

We are open to suggestions, but we will need to insist on the flexibility of the system to allow us to change operation procedure without requiring a rebuild of the system.

We do not intend to have our own Sharepoint Server. Where possible, we would like to leverage upon the subscription provided by Microsoft Office 365.

Skills: microsoft-sharepoint, microsoft-sql-server, pdf

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