Sharepoint forms

Sharepoint forms


Job Description

Sharepoint with customized forms for file processing.

I need joint platform of Share Point and Ms Project Server, where sharepoint files rely on project server tasks.
Moreover sharepoint files shall be presented through custom form, which reflects 1) files hierarchy, 2) document preview, and 3) document metadata fields.
Form also shall provide filtering options to select only documents with specified criteria, and ability to save convenient filters.
Documents shall have restricted access: read- write for editors, read-only for allowed watchers, and no access for others.
Any who has access to document, shal have ability to contact to editors and watchers trough email / outlook or IM / link. Hence integration to existent MS Exchange and MS Link servers will be necessary.
Update of document and its metadata shall me notified trough email notification to editors and wotchers
Task from MS Project to be integrated to users Outlooks with Ms Exchange functionality

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