GIS Web Application Developer

GIS Web Application Developer


Job Description

Start up E-business seeks a ‘Rock Star’ Geographic Information System (GIS) Developer to work on a web mapping application. Applicants must be advanced users of ESRI ArcGIS Desktop and Server software as well as be proficient with the ArcGIS JavaScript API. Experience with cloud deployment of ArcGIS for Server would also be a big plus.

The contractor shall assist in the design of the various components of an ArcGIS web mapping application. The primary duties include developing, testing, debugging, implementation, and deployment of the system.The Contractor shall complete the following duties:

* Develop a GIS web application as specified in the system requirements;
* Generate web application source code using the ESRI API for JavaScript;
* Develop, test, debug & deploy the app on Amazon’s cloud platform (AWS);
* Provide status reports on all assignments and work in progress;

Minimum Qualifications:
* Advanced knowledge/experience with ESRI ArcGIS Desktop;
* Experience with ESRI ArcGIS Server;
* Experience with the ESRI JavaScript API;
* Experience administering ArcSDE Geodatabases;
* Fluency with Microsoft SQL Server;

Additional Qualifications (not required):
* Experience with Amazon Web Services - EC2, S3;
* Knowledge of HTML 5;
* Python programming and ArcGIS geo-processing services;
* Experience with e-commerce and website stores;
* B.S. or Advanced degree in Geography, GIS, IT, or related fields;

The initial development assignment will last 1-2 months. Beyond that, there will ongoing maintenance and development work. The hourly rate is dependent upon experience.

Skills: design, debugging, test, amazon