Experienced programmer needed for web project

Experienced programmer needed for web project


Job Description

I am looking for a freelance programmer for work on a website.

I have made a complete description of the job with setup of boxes, measurements and colors to be used (zip-file).

Although the layout is made, you are free to suggest changes if you see it as efficient for the function of the site.

The site is going to be connected to databases through API, so experience in this field is required. Also, experience in .NET 2.0, JavaScript, jQuery and PhP is required for the job.

Other components for the site I need a programmer for:
- Top menu (stay on top when user scrolls down)
- Image-banners
- Drop menus
- PhP search
- Netshop

Other components will be needed as the site develops.

I have bought some ready-made components (top menu and image banner), and if possible, I want them integrated on the site.

If you are interested, send me a mail and I´ll send you the PDF with the detailed description of the job.

Best regards
Oyvind Rauan
Oslo, Norway