Graphic and UI Designer

Graphic and UI Designer


Job Description

Graphic and UI Designer

Hey there,

I need a full time graphics and UI designer, starting this week.

Here are the details.




-most important skill: must have a modern, clean, elegant design style

-proficient in Photoshop and highly interested in UI and UX design

-highly fluent in spoken and written english

-highly versed in using web applications and wordpress plugins etc

-preferably familiar with the warriorforum and internet marketing



-find innovative UI principles based on existring products and solutions

-create user interface for graphic applications like this one

-create user interface for wordpress plugins

-create graphics (headers, buttons) and UI for websites

-create graphic sales copy from simple text


I am looking for people who can create graphics like on or for example.

Or if you are a member of I definitely want to hear from you.

Please send me a link to your graphic portfolio with all your latest works to get started.