Installing Nginx, PHPFPM with APC on CentOS 6.4

Installing Nginx, PHPFPM with APC on CentOS 6.4


Job Description

I have what should be a simple job for someone experienced in Linux and Nginx, and that is the only person that I'd like to apply. If you respond to this posting please indicate exactly how you can help. I'm looking for someone who knows Linux very well and can do this job easily. In your response please indicate why you are a good candidate.

I need to install Nginx, PHPFPM with APC on my new VPS that has CentOS 6.4. I attempted to install it myself and ran into errors. I believe these errors are due to the Webhost already installing WHM/Cpanel as well as Apache. I want to keep WHM and Cpanel but I want Apache removed.

I was able to install then start Nginx, but only after I stopped Apache. Then when I went to install PHP5 I got various errors about packages not being available. this was the error I got:

"No package php-fpm available."

I would like everything installed and working correctly with live websites.

Again, I only want applicants that are very experienced with Linux and can do this task easily. Applicants that demonstrate that they know what the problem is and can easily get past it will likely be hired,

thank you.

Skills: linux