Reverse Bidding Site

Reverse Bidding Site


Job Description

Looking for a veteran developer that has done this type of concept before, I have a full spec sheet available for those who are interested in this project and after I've seen that they possess the skills to take on such a job.

This site will need to scale so looking for a long term relationship. Only apply if you have experience in this complex field.

A bit of the spec sheet to understand the scope of the project:

1. Membership Based Site (2 types of users – customer and businesses)
2. Customers will have the ability to post requests on site for their needs (we will use the example of Home Improvement work). Will be similar to elance/odesk where people post their projects and all businesses can view the project and reply accordingly.
a) Will have a Project Name, Timeline, enter Keywords etc
3. The posts will go on a page named, for example “Search for Jobs”, that way companies can browse this section and have many filter options. Businesses can have an option set to what keywords, project category etc for the jobs to populate when logged in (compared to showing irrelevant jobs that aren’t of interest to the business)
4. Customer interface will have the option to search for businesses based on different filter options.
5. When customers post the request, they will enter keywords such as Driveway, Roofing, Painting etc and these keywords will automatically populate as the words are typed
6. Each business will register for keywords, so that when users post their request with keywords, those specific businesses with those keywords will be notified about the pending customer request. [i.e. elance: html/php/mobile platforms]
7. Customers and Businesses will have an “Inbox” to efficiently communicate with one another. Both interfaces will have their own features such Paid status, Job Completion status etc etc. Will be a searchable inbox.
8. Businesses can have more than 1 employee login (if they have more than 1 employee logged into the system)
9. and credit card payment gateway for merchants to purchase membership. Free for customers.
10. Review section for businesses. Each transaction that is completed, the customer will be able to review – authentic reviews. [buyer button + seller button engaged, both activated for transaction to be “authentic” ??]
11. Location finder via IP Address Login and has ability to match customers to closest business (not completely necessary in the beginning)
12. Activity tracker showing last login for businesses
13. Revenue chart showing closed transactions each month (optional)
14. Customers will have their own way of displaying successful transactions with businesses (almost like eBay ratings –higher number the better)
15. Find Contractor page –this will show each business listed on the site and will have many filters to display the correct contractor that the customer is looking for.
16. Admin interface will be able to show all details of the site, from how many users to how many businesses have registered for which keywords.
17. Businesses will have a full profile to view. Gallery of pictures, completed projects etc etc.

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