Magento / PHP Subcontractor

Magento / PHP Subcontractor


Job Description

About the Job:

Are you compulsive about writing great code? Does ugly code make you cry? Are you constantly busy expanding your skills or learning the next big thing in IT? Do you like working with other developers who appreciate great code just as much as you? Then, we want you.

We are looking for talented developers to join our team, building Magento stores for a variety of clients. Previous Magento experience is a bonus, but NOT required. We are looking for intelligent, proactive, detail-oriented developers to join our team.

You will be working together with other developers in a team environment to complete projects for our clients. The team communicates primarily via Skype and email.

* Excellent PHP skills.
* Proactive communication skills.
* Strong web development experience is required, and should include good experience with one or more major MVC based CMSes or web frameworks.
* Application development experience a plus.
* Magento development experience NOT required, but definitely a plus.

To apply, please answer the following questions:

1) Briefly explain your experience with PHP, Magento, and/or application development.
2) If you lack Magento experience, explain why do you feel prepared to work on Magento based projects?
3) What experience do you have with eCommerce in general?
4) Describe one project where you used an "Observer Pattern", and why.
5) In your own words, describe how either class inheritance or the "Factory Pattern" can be used to create clean extensible code. Bonus points if you can describe how both are used together.
6) In your own words, describe how good code design makes future work easier. Give examples from your own experience.
7) What are two development projects you are most proud to have worked on? Please provide links to the relevant sites.
8) Describe a personal project you've enjoyed working on. (Not a project you were hired to develop.)

Skills: mvc