Join ventre pertner for sales and lead generation for empower network

Join ventre pertner for sales and lead generation for empower network


Job Description

Hi there

I am looking for professional person who can help me out with building my downlines and also making sales for new Internet Marketing system called Big Idea Mastermind..

Only for experience person with knowledge of this Internet Marketing and who knows and Understands this Game.

Please read carefully, as I will only pay for the sharing my profit.

Well, the system uses Empower Network ,which is direct sales company payment plan,,,, and BIM has its own sale funnel and extra bonus to differentiate from Empower Network...

I am already a member of this BIM program all in, so all I ask for you are following and depends on the profit I make ,we can share the profit....which means I can make up to $1450 to $3500 per sales.

1, Lead generation to the funnel

Leads must be active and real person who are seeking Biz opp, affiliate marketing, they accept from 140 countries, but preferably from English speaking places.

Sale funnel is already made with follow up sequences 

2, Help my downlines like you help me out now, so they would stay on this business

This way, I can suggest my downlines to work with you by doing the same then, you will have more business coming in from them as well...

Also this is why they go all in... if we can help them make profit with this system, they would reinvest some money back to grow their business.

Plan is

Send traffic to the funnel with free traffic method, social media,paid traffic method, article writing etc

Help my potential down-liens , in the way they can make money and do the same as me.

All the marketing cost will be paid by me first, but will be take out from the profit we make and some will be reinvest back to the system, and the rest will be shared with you. (we can negotiate the share)

Initially, I would put $200 marketing budget then, we can increase marketing money by reinvesting the profit we make.

If you are interested in this job...

Please specify your marketing plan, so I would know who to talk to

I am looking for long term partner who are serious about making money by helping people.

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