Propertry Locator

Propertry Locator


Job Description

The criteria is simple. We are looking for properties (SFH's, commercial bldgs, multi-units, etc) in all conditions and in all price ranges all over Mid-Michigan and particularly in Lansing, MI and surrounding.

We do stipulate that the properties are owned free and clear (this does not mean that taxes and liens cannot be dealt with, but we want property that is owned outright/ without a mortgage) and greatly prefer them to be vacant. (Though we have made exceptions in the past, it is generally much easier and better all round, to deal with vacant property when it comes to wholesaling)

When a property such as is described above is purchased at a wholesale price, it can generally be counted on to sell in 60days. Sometimes it happens much sooner, sometimes we need an extension, but generally 60days is enough time to sell them.

We pay 500 dollars for each successful referral. (referrals resulting in sales). As you know, all you need is a property address in order to find out where the taxes are sent (owners name and address/ contact info)

Provide us the property address, a brief description of the property and owner contact info and we will take if from there. This can be accomplished in under 10 minutes per property and even more quickly if you are working from a list. (ask us for a link to the assessors office for any property in MI if you do not already have it)

We will provide you a promissory note/ finders fee agreement that will be attached to the close. You are then paid after close by cashiers check via a licensed title company of Michigan. We use title companies at every close for the protection of all and for fast secure closings.

So there you have it. Very simple. Once you have found a few, it becomes second nature and even easier/ quicker. We also pay the same for referrals of cash buyers. We typically keep about a dozen homes in inventory, and sell primarily but not exclusively to investors. Having said that, we do not turn any buyer away. Our inventory is low at present due to a sharp increase in sales. Our emphasis is now on acquisition for that reason.

Hope you make the effort. I know you will be glad if you do.


Ben Liell

Skills: computer-literacy, real-estate, communication-skills