Wanted: Virtual Assistent for Customer Service

Wanted: Virtual Assistent for Customer Service


Job Description

I'm looking for an virtual assistant to help out with our customer service for my membership site.

I'm running a major weight lifting website that keeps growing. I'm struggling to get things done though which limits further growth so I've decided to hire someone for the customer service. This way I have more time for my tasks.

You'll be working mostly in our support software (something similar to zendesk) and also get access to our membership software aMember, our community and paypal account.

Here are some tasks you'll be responsible for:
* Change usernames of new Members who registered with a wrong one
* Prevent double payments: if a Member signed up twice by mistake, or if he upgraded his account, you'll have to cancel one of his recurring payments to avoid double charges in the future. If there was a double charge, refund one.
* Add failed payments: if a payment was made, but our software didn't add it, add the payment manually so our Member keeps having access.
* Perform refund requested by Members if they're not happy with the service.
* Send rewards to customers who performed certain actions within our site.
* Send coupons to users who may not have received them.

There's more - constant improvement is the name of our business. We constantly try to improve our community. For this, it's vital that our site runs smooth and is easy to navigate. We can *only* accomplish this by LISTENING to what our Members say: what's working, what's not, what could be done better?

Lots of that feedback gets into the customer service section that you'll be responsible for. So if members report something is broken, you must inform me asap so our programmer can fix it. Otherwise the issue continues for everyone else. Also, if you think there's something that could be done better, if you have any idea or suggestion , you must tell me as well.

Who I'm looking for:
* First your English must be better than mine, since you'll have to communicate with our customers in English.
* Patience is key - our customers don't complain much. However you must have the patience to sit through whatever issue they may be experiencing, and really try to find the source of the problem. Don't just focus on the solution, try to find out what is causing the problem in the first place. This way we avoid repeated problems and improve the experience for everyone.
* You must also work independent without me having to tell you what to do. I'll get you clear instructions in the beginning, but you shouldn't be sending me an email every 30mins to ask me what to do after that. You must be able to work on your own so that I have time to work on my stuff (don't worry though, each day we will get on the phone for 15mins and go over what you've done and whatever issues or questions you might have to make sure you can work on your own the rest of the day.)
* You must be organized and send me lists each time of repetitive issues that you've noticed, questions you have, etc.
* You must be able to work with amember, paypal and xenforo.. or you're a geek who can figure those out.

Who I'm NOT looking for:
* I'm not looking for someone who just wants some quick cash. I'm looking for someone who wants to work with me for weeks, months, years. Someone who is committed, and who wants to work on a site that's making a difference in the world.

This job will take about 10 hours a week in the beginning. If we like working together, I can give you more responsibilities (I'd like someone to handle my emails as well, this might be you).

To get started, send me your proposal with your answers to these questions:

1) Why do you think you're a good candidate for this job?

2) What is that you like about this job that made you apply for it?

3) What's your experience when it comes to customer service?

Skills: paypal, english

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