Sphinx Search Installation + Config + PHP Scripting

Sphinx Search Installation + Config + PHP Scripting


Job Description

*** Do not waste either of our time, if you are not a SphinxSearch and Database EXPERT ****

I'm looking for a Sphinx Search (http://sphinxsearch.com ) and MySQL/Database expert. We need someone to do the following;

1) Install Sphinx on a VPS server
2) Configure (db tables and indexes)
3) Modify/code the initial PHP script to interface with the Sphinx server
4) Optimize the Sphinx and MySQL server for this use
5) Write instructions on how to install and migrate this exact environment on another server that you will not have access to.
6) We need the future ability to have results display that include "Did you mean?" and provide relevant results.

The main content database table is a product database, the script will be a very simple keyword search using an auto-suggest jquery plugin like http://hernantz.github.com/doubleSuggest/ . There are several JOINS which include condition (OEM, Compatible, Remanufactured), type (ink cartridge, toner cartridge, etc) and color.

You must also be very capable of helping us work with our current printer compatibility matrix which includes 20,000+ DB rows using a 'id' and 'parent_id' relationship structure. This goes up to 4 levels deep and are basically considered categories, but need to be purposed for a cartridge finder and page navigation.

You may suggest other auto-suggest jquery plug-ins, but the one above looks very capable and feature rich. Ultimately we will want thumbnail images appearing in these results, so keep that in mind before a jquery plugin is selected.

This work needs to be completed within 2 weeks after being hired. I will provide the database and VPS environment for the initial test installation.

I will need your experience in setting up the proper indexes and negative keywords (or other functionality) to work with the very specific type of products. The products are printer ink cartridges. Some of the issues we've had in the past with other search solutions include;
1) 2 letter keywords like "HP" being excluded
2) Plurals; "cartridge" and "cartridges"
3) Multiple spellings for a single name; HP and Hewlett Packard or Hewlett-Packard
4) Extra spaces or not proper spacing; Q2610 A vs. Q2610A
5) Hyphens used or not used; LC51 vs. LC-51
6) Printer brands and models (categories, see prior comments about printer compatibility matrix)
7) Misspellings; Cannon vs. Canon

Ideally all of these issues can be managed automatically with Sphinx, or at least as many as possible. I realize there will be ongoing tuning of the system with stems and negative keywords, etc. However, we want as little ongoing management as possible, so we need an expert at Sphinx to help us.


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