Editor For My Production Reel

Editor For My Production Reel


Job Description

Looking for an experienced editor to help me construct my work (Creative Director/Writer/Motion Graphics/TD) reel. I have all the footage gathered and have even done a first pass, but I need a rockstar editor to really make it shine.

A well edited reel is more than a cut-to-the-music montage. It tells the story of a person's skill in a compelling way. It says "This person should be on your team."

Ideally we work collaboratively, and you share great ideas I never would have thought of.

I have a song picked out as well, but I'm open to suggestions. Lately I work in Premiere, but if you use FCP that's fine.

Please have your own reel and other work in this area linked when you apply. Thanks!

Skills: adobe-premiere

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