Software Platform With Co-registration Capabilities

Software Platform With Co-registration Capabilities


Job Description

**Here is what I am looking for And Time Frame would be Max 2 Weeks, I will pay a Bonus to Complete in less than 7 days

1) Super Admin Panel where I have control to Turn on and off
2) Main User Panel for them to Program there Events to host to be able to do multiple events at one time
3) Secure System with passwords
4) Squeeze page Setup have Multiple Squeeze page templates to Choose From and have 3 or 4 they can upload and make changes too
5) Auto Responders- Awber, Get response, GVO, I contact, Ebizac and Mail Chimp
6) Co-Host Capability where 2 People can Host a Event and the Opt ins Go on 2 list names
7) Co-Registration Capability up to 12 List names at one Time and have these so that there is a Time Delay on the Opt in
8) 2-3 Options Of how the Gift page Will Look Needs to Be more cleaner and slicker than it looks Right now and it gives the user a choice between 2-3 different feel and Look
9) A Slick Looking LeaderBoard with Real Time Stats For CLicks Sent to Squeeze pge, Gifts page and conversions
10) Gifts to Rotate and also have the Function for Fixed Gifts on the landing page
11) Making Sure there is the Exit Pop up that takes them to the landing page
12) A Function in the Super Admin Panel to have a Monthly Fee For Hosting of the Site that they can pay thru instead of us using JVZOO
13) A Help Support Desk that Tracks all support Tickets inside the Platform
14) A Tutorial Section with How to Videos
* The Biggest thing with the New PlatForm is the Co-Registration Capabilities
It needs to have a Cool Warm and Fuzzy Feeling with a WOW factor

So Bottom Line it will have Built In Squeeze pages to choose from Several Different Options, These Squeeze pages have a Opt in Box that will either be Email only or Name and Email

The Co-Registration Piece will be where When Someone Opts into the Opt in Box that Information Goes to Several Auto-Repsonders on Time Delay of 5 Minutes.

So for example if you use Get Response that there will be 12 Get Response list names Programmed into the Admin Panel so that it will go on 12 different Lists

I want this Function to Be Controled on what Capacity the end user can have so lets say I only allow up to 3 list names that this is porgrammed from the Super Admin Control Panel.

The auto Responders to be Setup will be: Aweber, Get Response, GVO, Ebizac, Imnica Mail, Icontact to Start with.

So there needs to be a Exit Pop up that if they leave it directs them to the Landing Page where there is a Proffesional Looking landing pages with either Pictures, descriptions and a Nice Download Button or a Gift Page with the same.

There also needs to be a Leaderboard that Records Real Time Stats, Traffic Sent tot the Squeeze page, Traffic that is Downloaded on the Gift page and Opt in Conversions.

The Tracking System has to be state of the art. Also on the Gifts landing page the Images need to Rotate Randomily as well have the Option to Put on Fix Gifts.

I would like there to be in the admin panel a option to Choose 3-4 Different Styles of Gifts pages

Also The End User in the admin panel has to have the Option to Be able to host many of these events at the same Time so say up to 3-4 Different events

I am looking for this to be proffesional and slick not a Low end Version Something that Gives the WOW factor

I use Host Gator but also do have a Dedicated Server that this can be installed on as well.

My Budget is $1200 and a $350 Bonus if Completed on Time

Skills: software-development

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