Social Networking Specialist

Social Networking Specialist


Job Description

Our client - the owner of a golf course needs; to promote his business golf course in preparation for the coming golf season. He came to us with this project as we have a strong relationship due to us solving past technical problems.

The goal is to achieve success with this opportunity (For example get 1000 participants to enter the competition) and then use this success to market to our other clients. The budget is low since this is an internal project (we have not said yes to our client as we do not have a social marketing expert). The budget can be increased if we find the right resource - then make a pitch to our client.

We do not have any social marketing experts in-house.

We need someone with strong communication skills - so we can speak over the phone/Skype and plan a solution. Someone who has proven experience & expertise in this area who can work on their own.

Our goal is to design a simple promotion and promote this heavily on the Internet and social networking sites (Facebook, Linkedin, yelp, twitter etc, Groupon) to people in the Geographic area (lead generation).
The client wants to giveaway a free week of golf passes for the winner and a friend. We have our own web design team that can help as needed.

Skills: linkedin, backlinking, marketing, design, facebook, twitter