Flexible Project Management Position

Flexible Project Management Position


Job Description

We are a growing, US-based firm currently looking for a project manager who is also a client relations specialist with a solid understand of web development and mobile development standards & practices. Our company deals with clients in the web development/IT sector, and having a strong grasp on web/mobile development concepts is a major necessity. Although you can be located anywhere to apply for this position (in North America), please be advised that we require a strong proficiency in English (both written & spoken; you WILL be tested prior), along with being available during 10-5PM Eastern Standard Time. On average, you will be working around 30-40 hours weekly. Below are general tasks & standards that will be expected from you on a daily basis:

- Available during the hours of 10am-5pm EST (Flexible), Mon-Fri (Firm based in NY)
- Chatting, emailing, and messaging clients (MUST have above average English skills)
- Ability to elaborate on technical requirements with clients
- Ability to display confidence when speaking with clients during meetings, and answering any technical questions which may arise
- Ability to distinguish whether project budget is reasonable & workable
- Well organized & has a natural ability to collaborate with others, whether client or internal team
- Is very diligent, and responsive with internal team & clients
- Able to do QA to ensure project is being implemented properly and reliably.

Below are the technical skills that are required from our employees in the Project Management Dept:

- General CRM use knowledge
- Google Apps experience (gmail, docs, gChat, etc)
- General conceptual knowledge w/ PHP, MySQL, and other web environments
- General conceptual knowledge w/ iOS, Android and other mobile interfaces (preferred)
- You must have an EXISTING overseas agency (preferably in Russia) that you have extensive experience managing in both mobile/web projects. We don't work with independent contractors, nor teams in which you don't have experience with.
- Frequent use of Skype, available from 10-5pm EST daily
- Must be able to write out SOWs after speaking with clients

Our sales team takes care of front end sales. The project management position we're looking for will manage the project throughout the rest of it's lifecycle after we have secured each client. This position has much potential for growth within the company based on your performance. Please apply to receive further details on compensation & future opportunities. Should you feel that you'd be a great addition to our team, please submit us your resume, along with your name, location, skype and the daily timeframe that we expect for you to be available during (described above). All replies to this job posting without the above info at the very TOP of your submission will be discarded for not listening to directions. Please also include your best sample work in which you've managed to fruition of each projects lifecycle with the agency you work with. This is an essential characteristic for the position, and no exceptions will be made. Our HR dept will contact you upon reviewing your resume and deeming you a potential candidate. If we think you're a good fit for the position, we'll send you our standard operating procedures to see our workflow in it's entirety. Thank you for your time, and we look forward to working with you in the near future!

Yestoapps HR Department

Skills: english, qa, management, gmail

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